solo travel in your 30s and 40s
Over30Experiences is your community for people who connect with others and travel the world.

We spent our 20s grinding... now it's time to travel solo with other millennials and young gen-xers.

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How Over30Experiences Trips Work...

Ready for a trip of a lifetime? 

Simply select a destination and a departure date and sign up on our website. A few months before your trip we'll send you flight information and give you the green light to book your airfare.

One month before your trip Over30Experiences we'll send you pre-departure information confirming your itinerary and a link to join a custom WhatsApp group to begin to connect with other travelers in your group.

You'll meet your group at the airport at the designated time and be greeted by your Trip Leader. At this point you'll begin your adventure and have an absolute blast until it's time to say goodbye on the final day of the trip.

Stay in touch with you group via WhatsApp or social media and join another trip in the future... many of our alumni from our Under30Experiences community have done nearly ten trips with us and made countless friends from around the world.

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